2164 EU VCA Assembled / Full DIY Kit

2164 EU VCA Assembled / Full DIY Kit

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The ES 2164 VCA is a linear, dual channel VCA. It uses our 2164 submodule to provide two independent channels of high fidelity, low noise amplification of audio or CV signals.

Each channel has a dedicated offset knob that becomes an attenuator when CV is present. In addition, channel one normals down to channel two when no signal is inserted to allow for multiple amplifications of a single source without repatching. As we all know, you can never have too many VCAs!

Available assembled or full DIY kit with all SMT installed.

  • Dual linear VCA

  • High fidelity 2164 based architecture

  • Offset knobs become attenuators when CV is present

  • Channel one normals to channel two

  • Gain: silence to 2x amplification

  • DC coupled inputs

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