FV-1 Reverb

FV-1 Reverb


The Electrosmith FV-1 Reverb sub module is an off the shelf reverb solution for your next project. Power anywhere between from +5V to +15V, and you’ll be up and running with a lush hall style verb. Outputs are line level and require no additional circuitry to operate. The character of the reverberant sound can be controlled with the onboard controls including reverb time, high frequency filter, and low frequency filter.

  • All SMT installed

  • Plug and play reverb solution

  • Power from +5V to +15V (No negative supply required)

  • Lush hall style reverb

NOTE: Use pin headers (1x10, 2.54mm) for breadboarding or interfacing with other circuit boards. One L style pin header is included with purchase.

Datasheet coming soon.

Eagle part in our library

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