3340 VCO Submodule

3340 VCO Submodule


The Electrosmith 3340 VCO is an analog oscillator submodule that uses a reissue of the legendary CEM3340 IC. This chip was responsible for some of the most iconic synth sounds in history including the SH-101, Jupiter 6, Prophet 5, OB-8, and Memorymoog. The typical application circuit from the datasheet has been implemented on this submodule, along with the most well known tweaks and improvements from over the years. Whether you’re looking to evaluate the 3340 sound, or build a 16 voice poly synth, this submodule provides an off the shelf solution for classic analog goodness.

  • All SMT installed

  • No external components necessary besides control interface (pots, jacks, etc. )

  • Breadboard friendly

  • Pure analog waveform generation

  • Designed for +/-12V supply voltages, but can be powered from various levels

  • Can be calibrated to various pitch tracking standards

New on this version:
- Sine wave output
- Smaller form factor
- Improved sound quality and waveform shapes


Eagle Part in our Library

Reference Designs:

ES 3340 Compact VCO Eurorack Module

ES 3340 VCO 5U Module

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