3340 VCO v1

3340 VCO v1


The Electrosmith 3340 VCO is an analog oscillator that uses a reissue of the legenday CEM3340 IC. This chip was responsible for some of the most iconic synth sounds in history. It features simultaneous output of Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse waveforms. These can be modulated and controlled via the frequency, FM, and PWM inputs. Two on-board trimpots allow for precise tracking of various pitch standards and can be calibrated to accurately respond up to 10 octaves.

  • All SMT installed

  • Sawtooth, Triangle, and Pulse waveform outputs

  • Pure analog waveform generation

  • Designed with +/-12V, but can be powered from various supply voltages

  • Can be calibrated to various pitch tracking standards

NOTE: Use pin headers (1x12, 2.54mm) for breadboarding or interfacing with other circuit boards. One L style pin header is included with purchase.


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